Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mini Conference Update

Hello Everyone,

Here are the details about my mini conference.
Thank you for all those who voted in the poll.
According to the poll, Majority seems to be in favour of the session to be on Monday 16th November @ 7.30pm. So I have just finalised my time and date.
Title: Elearning Interaction Through Online Discussion Forum
Date: 7.30 pm, Monday 16th November, (UTC/GMT + 13hrs)
Facilitator:Krishan Mani (kmani@manukau.ac.nz)
Presenter:Meena Adhikari (MIT) and Guest Speaker: Cherie Wright, Programme Leader National Certificate in Computing, Manukau Institute of Technology.
Venue:Elluminate: meeting room here
Description:For my Mini Conference I would like to discuss the Importance of Online interactionusing online discussions forums. How effective is asynchronous communication. Discuss some pros and cons of Online Discussions Forums. Share examples of online discussion and how users befit from it.
Back Up Plan: Skype : krishanmani83
Feel free to leave your comments regarding the topic. :)

Please do visit my blog and add your comments any specific question you want to discuss at the mini conference.
Try our the meeting room : Elluminate - and see if it runs in your PC prior to the meeting, if any technical problems please flick an email to me.



  1. Hi Guys,
    There is a good video on Teaching with Online Discussion Forums by Mark Fullmer.



  2. Hi Krishan
    Eventually got into Elluminate but missed you all. You referred to DimDim but I couldn't access any meetings there. Look foward to hearing the recording and wish you all the best with your mini conference.

  3. Hi Hilary,

    I am sorry about the technical problem that i had with elluminate, and had to use an alternative option dimdim. I had emailed it to the googlegroup the link for the DimDIm meeting, I guess i should have updated my blog as well at the same time, seems like you visited my blog when you couldnt find the meeting room.

    I did record may be 3/4 of it. which i will post once it is available.